Hellas Verona 00-01 100th

No.242 Hellas Verona 00-01 (100th)

made by: lotto

sponsor: AMICA chips

detail: lotto logo and club badge are stitched, sponsor is printed within material.

Note: 100th annniversery version.


F.C. Dinamo Moscow 04 AWAY

No.241 F.C. Dinamo Moscow 04 (A)

made by: diadora

sponsor: FEDCOM

detail: diadora logo and sponsor are attached, club badge is embroidered.

Note: -


S.D. Huesca 12-13 HOME

No.240 S.D. Huesca 12-13(H)

made by: BEMISER

sponsor: CAI

detail: BEMISER  logo is embroidered, club badge is attached, sponsor is pprinted.

Note: -


Getafe C.F. 08-09 CUP/H

No.239 Getafe C.F. 08-09 (Cup/H)

made by: Joma

sponsor: grupo GALCO

detail: Joma logo is attached, club badge is stitched, sponsor is printed.

Note: -


F.C. Rostov 04 AWAY

No.238 F.C. Rostov 04 (A)

made by: UMBRO

sponsor: -

detail: UMBRO logo and club badge are embroidered.

Note: -

Obolon Kiev 11-12 AWAY

No.237 Obolon Kiev 11-12 (A)

made by: puma

sponsor: CARLING

detail:puma logo is embroidered, club badge and sponsor are printed.

Note: -


Racing Santander 11-12 THIRD

No.236 Racing Santander 11-12 (3rd)

made by: SLAM

sponsor: PALACIOS

detail: SLAM logo and sponsor are printed, club badge is embroiidered.

Note: -

Romania National Team 09-10 HOME

No.235 Romania National Team 09-10(H)

made by: adidas

sponsor: -

detail: adidas logo is embroidered, Romanian football federation badge is printed.

Note: -


Kolona Kielce 07-08 HOME

No.234 Kolona Kielce 07-08 (H)

made by: UMBRO

sponsor: KOL POTER

detai: UMBRO logo is embroidered, rest are printed within material.

Note: -

F.C. Sion 12-13 HOME

No.233 F.C. Sion 12-13(H)

made by: errea


detail: errea logo and sponsor are printed within material , club badge is stitched.

Note: -